Production Unit

The Production Unit of Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy was opened in the year 1975 as a Plan Scheme in the Five –Year Plan. The Unit was inaugurated by Shri L.P. Singh, the then Governor of Manipur and Chairman, JNMDA on 16th January 1976. Known as the Ballet Unit, it began primarily with a view to encouraging new experimental work in Manipuri style, particularly in the genre of dance-drama. During the last 40 years of its existence, the Unit has gained considerable renown as a premier performing group of Manipuri dance. During this period 38 dance-dramas were produced, some of which have been hailed as landmarks of contemporary choreography. Apart from these experimental works the production Unit also specializes in presenting composite programmes of classical/traditional dance and music of Manipur. It has a Head of the Production Unit and its activities are supervised by the Director of JNMDA.

Name of the Artistes in the Production Unit of the Academy:

SL No Name of the Artistes Designation
1 Km. Th. Ibemubi Devi Sr. Production Assistant
2 Smt. Th. Parul Devi Jr. Production Assistant
3 Smt. A. Priyarani Devi Musician ( Sutradhari )
4 Km. Y. Geetarani Devi Musician ( Sutradhari )
5 Shri Kh. Rameshkumar Singh Musician ( Violin )
6 Shri P. Meghachandra Singh Musician (Flute)
7 Shri Th. Nokuljeet Singh Musician ( Pung )
8 Shri Sh. Dhamendra Singh Musician ( Pung )
9 Shri Ksh. Subhaschandra Singh Musician(Pena)
10 Smt S. Noyonshakhi Devi Dancer
11 Shri N. Ajit Singh Dancer
12 Smt. O. Debola Devi Wardrobe Assistant
13 Shri O. Jiten Singh Stage Assistant
14 Shri P. Bilash Singh Dancer
15 Shri N. Surendrajit Singh Dancer (Contractual)
16 Smt. G. Chandan Devi Dancer (Contractual)
17 Shri Th. Hemchandra Singh Dancer (Utilized as Guru -Thang-Ta) (Contractual)
18 Smt. H. Sharmila Devi Dancer (Utilized as Asstt. Wardrobe Assistant) (Contractual)