Rules and Norms:-

Admission to the Academy is open to all members alike of either sex. The Academy welcomes, without distinction, persons of all creed, caste or religion and from all parts of India and abroad.

Students absenting themselves from classes continuously for more than a week must inform to the Pradhan Guru in writing with reasons. Failure to do so will render the names of students liable to be struck of the rolls to make room for candidates on the waiting list.

Students whose names have once been struck off the rolls may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Competent Authority of the Academy.

Students are not allowed to take part in cultural shows/programmes organized by any cultural agency other than the Academy without the prior permission of the Authority of the Academy.

Students are not permitted to bring visitors with them to classes. Members of the public, other than the guardians of students, are not allowed to visit the teaching wing/classrooms without prior permission of the Pradhan Guru. Unauthorized visitors are liable to be expelled from the premises of the Academy.

Students are required to be regular in their respective classes. The minimum percentage of attendance for all courses is 60% excluding medical leave to the extent of 10 days. A student will not be allowed in any case, to appear in examinations if he/she falls short of required attendance which will tantamount to failure.

Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited during class hours. Students violating the rules are liable to disciplinary action or even may be expelled from the Academy.

Any change in the address of the students must be notified to the Academy office promptly. Students are required to wear traditional dress (prescribed by the Academy in the class.

Students found guilty of break of the Academy’s rules are liable to disciplinary action which may extend to expulsion from the Academy.