JNMDA – Scholarships


  1. The Academy provides ten (10) scholarships at the rate of Rs. 2000/- each per month to the five meritorious students of Diploma Course (Dance) and five for Sankirtana. The tenure of scholarship is three years.
  2. Scholarship of Rs. 3000/- each are given to the five meritorious students of Post Diploma Course (Lai-Haraoba, Ras, Pung, Ishei and Cholom).
  3. Another scholarship of Rs. 2000/- each are given to the student who stood 1st position in the Annual Examination of 1st and 2nd year of the Foundation Course.
  4.  No students securing marks below first division should be eligible for scholarship.
  5. No students are allowed to enjoy scholarship and stipend jointly.


Academy provides stipend of Rs.1000/- each per month to students who are coming from outside the state for studying Manipuri Dance & Music in the Academy.


A student awarded scholarship or stipend by the Academy has to submit the following documents and he/she will be abided by the following:

  1. A written agreement through a surety on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/- that if the student decides to discontinue the training before the Annual Examination (except on compelling circumstance), he/she shall return all the many paid to him/her plus interest as the rule.
  2. A surety of Rs.20,000/- duly attested by a Magistrate/Gazetted Officer.
  3. No student securing marks below first division should be eligible for scholarship.
  4. A student receiving scholarship from the Academy will not receive stipend/scholarship from any other source; he/she, however, will have the option to choose between the two.
  5. Scholarship holders are required to attend the classes regularly. The minimum percentage of attendance is 75%. The Pradhan Guru shall have a power to condone at his/her discretion a shortfall in attendance upto 10 days.